Which VST Bass AMP is the best?

in my case its NOT about metal, grunch, or distortion !
but i kept the title open.

in my case is it about slapping with the Bass or otherwise a more Percussive Tone,
to get that round full tone heard from good 70s Records.
I´m not necessary for all clean…but definitly not up to metal.
Dynamic and frequenzy response might be the keywords,…and the shapeability

i just got me from Plugin Alliance with their 29/39$ deal the Ampeg STV3 pro and the Ampeg V4B.
When i demoed both was i shure the V4B is it, bought it with the 29$ deal,
but had a second look at the STV3 pro and found out that this one is way better and makes for me the V4B nearly kind of pointless.

But i´d like to know if there is any other Bass AMP plugin i should consider to check and demo ?

my plan is now to make my own sample collection with some bass slap tones,
to load into a groovebox-sampler or so.

( i was a bassist, but had to quit due to an accident 17 years ago, so i´m kind of out of the game.
i´ve not played the last 17 years…very rarely…i really have to be carefull what i do,
but i´d like to get the best possible Bass amp setup, …i´m now hooked again…
should work out for some sample recording…i still can slap to some degree )

I use IK Multimedia MODO Bass, and play it with my guitar using MidiGuitar2. This is an example I found in a funk style. They are using automation or midi triggering to switch the different play styles (finger, pick and slap) during the playing.

They were giving away AmpliTube SVX 1 bass amps/effects for free a few weeks ago. But you can get SVX 1 and SVX 2 for $40 this weekend:

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It is not cheap but very versatile
Mark Studio 2 from Overloud

You should have a look at Neural DSP Darkglass and Parallax. Their guitar amps are killer. And I hear lots of stuff about their bass offerings. 2 weeks trials on all plugins, so you know what you’re getting.

I have Amplitube MAX and added the Ampeg SVX-2 kit to it. Good stuff. I also have Guitar Rig 5. OK. But for a simple, bass amp, I’d recommend taking a look at Kuassa’s Cerberus Bass Amp. Curently on sale for 50% off at $24.50.


i have MODO Bass, its an entire different topic though.

i also had a free IK multimedia amp installed, and was just throwing out everything immediatedly, since it was loading GBs to my SSD. NO THANKS ! i´m donne with IK multimedia ! exept the modo Bass.

Parallax looks great !..just not what i´m looking for right now,
since its made for metal etc. Styles.
But, I think i will try that demo, …i like the low end growl.
…and i wonder how this amp will work with drums. might be fun.

Thanks for the feedback !
i´m right now, after watching some YT vids, under the impression that that ampeg STV3 is one of the better ones for my needs.
Seems that the Bass AMP scene is more tailored towards Metal and such styles .
I never cared for amp models until these last 2 days now :wink:

You could always keep things super simple and look at console emulations. Wasn’t that a common technique to record the DI bass?

Softube Eden WT800

This one looks great, …like a nice counterpart to my ampeg stv3 VST.
hope it goes on sale at some point this year

thats an interesting idea, …i´m so far not into this.
but for the bass: i recognised that they can alter how a percussive played tone can “ring”,
My finding triggered that surch for more …specifically in that area.
I surch for: “access to shape the ringing”

personally, when its about real time bass playing do i have to go down to 64 samples,
and even then can i barely load any VSTs on my old macmini.
1x amp, 1x compessor, 1x compressor in expansion mode reaspectivly a gate, and a reverb, thats it.
so i´m super restricted right now for bass playing and what i could patch myself.
usually i have to patch with buffers of 1024 samples to get somewhere