Which SD for libraries

Hello musicians,

I would like to replace my external SSD for my Kontakt libraries against a SD card.
Which reading speed is needed or a „must have“?

Would be nice to get some infos from users whom
use them successfully.

Thanks in advance.

I use a micro SDXC SanDisk Extreme 256 Go Classe 10 / U3 / V30.
I use it for my libraries as well as for loops, samples, etc.
It works fine, as fast as a SSD for read access, but much more slow for write access.
I do not mind as I use it only for reading my libraries files.

SSD write 237 Mo/s
SSD read 1 Go/s
MicroSD write 70 Mo/s
MicroSD read 1 Go/s

Thanks Hermon, I ordered a similar with 512GB, I had this one on focus before already.

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