Which plugins for Global Rackspace?

Hey GP‘s
I would like to know, if it’s necessary or what is sensible for my global rackspace?!

I thought of a limiter or compressor?!

Do you use such plugins in your global rackspace or anywhere else?!

Thanks in advance

I am using a Limitere in the global rackspace and some Studio Speaker / Environment Simualation.
The simulation I am using when I check my sounds.

It is VSX from Steven Slate and Sonwarworks Reference and CLA Studios and Waves Abbey Roads.


@schreihals here’s a lengthy answer I gave on this topic:

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In the main branch, i have a compressor and an EQ, just for the case i have to push my presence a bit more or to do some general sound corrections.

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@schamass is that specifically for studio use, or also for live? Or doesn’t that make much difference? I’m also puzzling what to put where. The global rackspace is a smart idea, but to use it as efficiently as possible requires some thinking
It’s also quite interesting to read what other users put in the GRS compared to LRS.

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It really depends on the instrument you play and the way you set up your environment.

What I typically do as a guitarist is put things like a Compressor and a Wah-Wah pedal in the global rackspace, then route the input into it.
This is now brought into the local rackspace where the AMP and any sound specific FX live.
From there - I go back to the Global Rackspace and add things like Reverb, Delay etc…

So I use the Global rackspace as a processing unit BEFORE the local rackspace and AFTER the local rackspace.

This means that I have full control over my pedals and FX independently from the amp I may use. Also saves a lot of setup time when I want to create some new sounds with new amps because the standard stuff is all there already.


my reason for this question was the LIVE Set Up…

i thought it could make sense to have a compressor or probably also a limiter in the GRS ?!

Sure - I have a compressor and then from there I route into my local rackspaces so the compressor can be applied to any rackspace. The limiter would go into the GRS, but on the other end (after the signal comes from the local rackspace).

Word about using limiters live … while I understand you’d want to do this - it should never be a replacement for proper gain staging your entire rig. When you properly gain stage everything and make sure it’s all good - there’s really no reason to have a limiter. IT’s another thing if your limiter is giving certain “character” to your tone and is actually considered part of your sound.


absolutley,… the limiter is the very very last opportunity…

In my usecase the limiter is just there to … limit.

Normally the limiter has nothing to do, the levels are OK
but in case of mistreating the volume knob on my controller, the limiter limits.


It’s most of all a “just in case” helper for my very few live situations, but also to “tame” or adjust the sound when i fed it into Skype for my online guitar lessons i took during the Covid lockdown phase.
But maybe i will throw them out again, or at least bypass them, since i don’t actually use them.


And that’s another great example of the flexibility of GP, we don’t get much anywhere else, I believe :metal::metal:


For me it would be for the overall Delay/Verb level and stereo spread. So it could be quickly adjusted for the venue and/or monitoring situation. Some live situations would require close to no ambience, but if it’s in ears I‘d definitely want some.

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I use allways a limiter at the end of the chain.
since GP4 in the GRS. Like it so, really handy !
A final Reverb ( quite CPU hungry ) is also allways in the GRS.

It is a given possibility that plugins can crash, with creating a very very loud burst of sound !
We talk here a level of loudness that can create damage to your listening.
( espacially with headphones on )…or to an audience ?
( for Example, a small gig, no FOH, directly into PA ? …no hardware limiter used.
Could happen ?)

I had at home such crashes myself ( with at least two different DAWs/VST-Hosts, plus also with GP3), and read once a report from a guy who had a listening damage after such type of a software crash. Not shure if he recovered.
Its like a explosion would happen.

To note: some limiters create a latency.
to add a limiter (end of chain) is in my opinion -from there- a absolute “Must Have” !

ofcourse would you folks know your plugins you use !
…until you run into same as i did.
New plugin ? … doing a wrong thing that the plugin does not like, and you did not knew it ?

in my case was i able to track the problem down to a specific group of plugins, plus what setting-change was creating it.
( INA-GRM, in my case: *do NOT change the “filter numbers” within the morphing presets" )

be careful, use a limiter i´d say !

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