Which pedal controller for switching rackspaces/songparts

can i ask you which pedal you are using for switching rackspaces/songparts ?
thank you

Just about any straight forward on/off footswitch will do the job. I am using something similar to this plugged into the secondary footswitch input on my MIDI controller:


Be sure to use a standard on/off switch and not one that caters for half-pedalling as this is actually like a continuous controller rather than just on and off.

I have a triple pedal on my piano controller for which I only use the third one for sustain in the context of my band. I therefore have the two others that I can use for rackspaces/songparts change.

I once bought this one:

Works pretty well with Gig Performer!

If you are after a multi switch, I would also add this one to the list of recommendations:

Works great, user manual is not the best, but plenty youtube rutorials.

I’m using a Hotone Audio ampero control and I’m very happy with it!

Softstep 2
Very powerful and versatile. I am massively underutilising the capabilities!

0 and 5 are prev/next
4 is mute
other buttons are programmed to send CCs

“SoftStep3 is the latest MIDI foot controller pedal from KMI Music. SoftStep3 is a versatile MIDI controller capable of sending MIDI Notes, CCs, and Program Change messages. Each pad detects pressure in 3D for dynamic control over effects parameters. Plug in and map an expression pedal for even more control. SoftStep3 connects to more destinations than ever before with TRS MIDI Out, 2 CV outputs, and MIDI over USB-C.”

I also use this one, the last two buttons for the rackspaces, and I have the first 4 assigned to articulations of some of the sounds I use, I am happy with it.