Which master section plugins do you use?

I’m currently reviewing plugins to use in my Global Rackspace as the final master section of the sounds I use in a gig.

In my situation, I have chosen to use my Global Rackspace as the final point before going out to the audio interface rather than feeding from the Global Rackspace back to the individual Rackspaces.

As a Plugin Alliance customer I have been trialling bx_masterdesk, then tried DS Audio Tantra 2 but have now gravitated towards Unfiltered Audio BYOME as a single plugin solution to my master section needs. It has submodules for Reverb, EQ, Limiting and Stereo Widening. Now we have v4.1 making Global Parameters easier to implement, I plan to put widgets that control main functions in BYOME in the Rackspaces that need tweaks from the standard treatment. I’ve put some screengrabs of my current setup below. I’ll likely have widgets for

  • Reverb Mix
  • Reverb Time/Size
  • EQ bands
  • Limiter Threshold
  • Stereo Width %

I am implementing MIDI mapping to control the Graphic EQ built into my audio interface (Behringer Flow 8), but may consider using a plugin graphic EQ for reducing standing wave resonances that occur at different venues from gig to gig.

I have plenty of other plugins to choose from (Arturia, NI, Waves, iZotope, IK Multimedia), but I’m curious about what plugins others are using in their “final master” sections to polish their sound, without a massive CPU hit, especially you keys players using GP4.

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I love Byome :wink: (and everything Unfiltered Audio)

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Got a voucher code for Byome today. $40.


I was in doubt if i really needed another effects plugin for almost 48€ (incl. VAT), and decided to not buy this one… but then i noticed another email from PA with a 25€ loyalty voucher.
What shall i say… BYOME for 18€ (incl. VAT) was a bargain i couldn’t resist, so my FX collection has grown by one again. :innocent: :grimacing:


PA are really good with their loyalty voucher scheme and the way they ley you stack coupons. I’m currently getting a $75 voucher each month.