Which hardware for midi routing?


I am currently controlling my three instances with
the Behringer X-Touch mini.
As it usually would just work in communication to one instance and back; I work with loop midi and the software TXL20 to split/ route the midi parallel.(see following pic)
It works, but after some time and for reasons I don’t know it is not working smooth anymore; settings I make at the X-Touch are not working anymore, the indicators are pull out as the system fights back the setting (not easy to explain).

Which hardware can I use to route the midi instead of my software solution? As it needs to work in both directions do I need a 2 out and 6 input device? Will I need then six midi cables to wire it or will that be made by software as well? Which device is recommended?

Thanks a lot!

Conductive Labs makes the best midi router solution in my opinion, and two different sizes. I bought the MRCC years ago and have never had problems with where I want my midi signals to go to or from. It’s highly programmable as well, so you can do a lot on the device that you’d have to do in other software or programs. It does have a small screen, and because it is powerful there is a learning curve, but once mastered it is a fantastic device. (PS - I had been using Loop Midi like you before moving to the MRCC. The software is great, it’s unfortunate that the OS’s are so obtuse).

MRCC – MIDI Router Control Center | (conductivelabs.com)

It’s not clear to me exactly what you’re trying to do or how you have your x-touch set up. But I would be surprised if the software routing was creating a problem that a hardware equivalent is going to “fix”.

You can’t link a fader to three different things and expect that it will just work well. If each fader is only attached to a single widget then you could be ok, but if you have any one fader controlling something in multiple instances it’s kind of inviting feedback loops.


Thanks for the info.
The question would be which I would need, the fat one is too much, I guess…

I do not use the same knob or fader in different instances.
But you are may right, probably the routing has a bug; I will check it again…