Where to do put in plugin persist (for variations) if I use Arp plugin solely for midi?


I am using EON Arp for MIDI only going into an audio plugin (a V Collection Farfisa Organ).

Where should I place patch persist?

I would guess between the EON Arp and the audio plugin.

But, hoping to confirm.



I do not understand.
Patch persist is a feature for a rackspace when you switch between rackspaces.
You cannot place a patch persist.

Sorry, I meant the (amazing) “plugin persist” scriplet.

It depends what you want to achieve for a result and why you use the plugin persist Scriptlet. If you want the arpeggio to go on when switching to a variation where you bypassed the Farfisa plugin, then the order could be:

  • MIDI in block
  • plugin persist Scriptlet
  • EON Arp plugin
  • Farfisa plugin

Hello, David-san,

I am hoping to fix occasional stuck notes (for notes triggered via the arp) when I switch variations.

I would guess this is because it is not getting the note off command?

So I am hoping your plug in (thank you!) will help.


OK, then the connection order above should work. Please, give us your feedback.