Where do I best adjust the latency?

where do I best adjust the latency?
i have 4 possibilities to adjust the latency, but which one do i have to use?
Do I have to change all of them, or only certain ones?
I have the following options:

  1. GigPerformer
  2. Asio4All
    3.VST Plugin
  3. universal control for the audio interface



The plugin stuff “Synchron” is irrelevant as far as latency goes. Those settings relate to it’s internal engine and they look ok to me.

You seem to be using ASIO4ALL driver so I’d match the buffer size in GP which you did so I think you seem to be set up just fine.

But the question is, what happens if I set e.g. in universal control to 512 samples, or only in Gig Performer 512? What has priority? The Asio driver still has 128 samples.

Why don’t you try it out? Change the different Buffer sizes and observe the resulting latencies :slight_smile:

By the way: Why are you using ASIO4All with your Studio 26? Presonus has really decent ASIO drivers for their „Studio“ line of interfaces. That should give you way better performance and lower latencies. Also, if you use the Presonus ASIO driver, the settings panel in GP just changes the buffer size of the Presonus ASIO driver, just like Universal Control does. So there’s really just one value for it in that case :slight_smile:


that was a very good idea, thank you very much