When you've had enough

…of endless plugins, USB interface issues, MIDI to hex conversions etc.

There’s this!



…or no electricity…

I recall back in time…

… only got second place in 2016 Guthman Musical Instrument Competition (although was Best Instrument.)


That was really cool! Very…ANALOG! LOL

It had been a long time since I had discovered a new practical application of the fundamental laws of acoustics.
This instrument is astonishing and brings new sensations that I really enjoy.

The last instrument that had made this effect on me was the daxophone invented by german musician Hans Reichel.
This instrument is of course more limited in sound diversity but interesting by its simplicity, based on the principle of the vibrating ruler on a table.

Hans Reichel - Bubu And His Friends
No vocal tracks in this song, everything heard is a piece of wood being played with a violin bow

How it works:


Some of this reminds me of Jon Hassel… how he gets that unique breathy tone from using very low pressure on the trumpet with similar eerie pitch bends.

Pretty amazing instrument.

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Oh, I did not realize it, it is true. He is an unusual trumpet player and a prolific artist.
I discovered him playing with Terry Riley and La Monte Young, then with various artists such as Brian Eno, Ry Cooder or Paolo Fresu.

And today I find the same feelings, thanks to @edm11 :slightly_smiling_face: