When importing Song, wires don't show in Wiring view

When I import a Song into a Setlist (new or existing) and then go to Wiring, the wires don’t show for that Song.
If I save to Gig, close and then reload the Gig, the wires show.
Is it a bug, or am I missing something (as usual)?

What version of GP?


Just did a test, cannot reproduce on Mac with 4.5.8

If you create a new rackspace then switch between them do wires show up?

If you use open gl - maybe switch back.

Cannot reproduce on Windows either.

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Graphics driver?

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I can confirm I have noticed this also switching away from the rackspace and back will redraw the wires.

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Now I can reproduce:

When predictive load is not checked, then the wiring is not shown after import.
When predictive load is checked, the wiring is shown after import.

Can you confirm that behavior?

Yes! Just like you say.

So the solution is to check predictive load :wink:

Software renderer.

Doesn’t work for me.

Well… I don’t want/need to use predictive load.
The wiring issue isn’t really an issue, just something I noticed and thought I’d report.
Thanks for finding an explanation though!

Using the steps in the video from @aharry I can confirm.
It’s strictly a graphical issue in GP—the sound is actually routed correctly, just a glitch in not showing the connections in that moment.

If you switch to another song and then back is the wiring visible?

Yes, when switching to another song and back, then the wiring is visible.

Thanks guys. @pianopaul opened a bug about this and we will look at it as time permits.

This is just cosmetic - the wires and connectors are all there… no worries…

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