When enable OSC problem with open VST plugins via button (widget)

Hi guys,

When enable OSC I get a problem with open VST plugins via button (widget)
Also my Lesley control with the sustain pedal won’t work with OSC enabled.
When I disable the OSC, everything is working again.
It looks like the is some kind of loop somewhere…

Anybody got a clue?

Thanks again in advance

Kind regards,

Can you upload a small gig file to show the issue?

Just tested, I do not face the issue
Did you use the same mapping?

I think this is the problem that I have wrong configured…
This picture are not my settings (it’s from internet as example), but I don’t have my Mac with me, I’m at work now.

But I have installed the same ports here for “Remote client port” and “GP listening port” (54344)
Maybe that gives the loop Paul?
The advanced mode are all unchecked for me.


I can not see why this should loop.

Ok thanks Paul.
I will change the “remote client port” to 9000 this evening, to see if that will solve the problem.
Just to be sure…
Let you know

I just tested with the ports you set up, no issue.

I will make a little Gig file this evening and will share it with you.
Thanks Paul!

Sorry, I’ve missed the question.
Yes, I use the same mapping

I’m under the impression that the screenshot @Martien sent, is not the config he/she is using.

Hi Frank,

I’m assuming that Paul entered twice port 54344, and not the ports shown in the picture :slight_smile:

I entered ports shown in the screenshot.

@pianopaul he stated that the picture was not his(he got it from an example on the forum somewhere else). Instead he was using port 54344 as both remote and listening port. Maybe you can reproduce with those settings?

OK, I did the test with 54344 port used in Remote client port and Gig Performer listening port
=> no issue.


Making assumptions is the mother/father of all f***u*s :wink:

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