What is the best sounding Rhodes/EP plugin with the smallest CPU hit?


What is the best sounding Rhodes/EP plugin with the smallest CPU hit? I am a guitar player using an FTP wireless hex pickup for church settings. I like to layer Rhodes/EP sounds with B3 organ sounds. But the hi quality EP sounds I have seem to need a big CPU footprint. What plugins do you recommend/.


You could try Lounge Lizard from AAS


My goto for Rhodes/Wurlitzer is Lounge Lizard. Physical model, no samples, sounds superb. I do however generally use it along with TH3 from Overloud for effects, even though LL does come with reasonably decent phaser/chorus… For example, the MXR Phase 90 in TH3 is to die for.


Same here… Lounge Lizard

Pianoteq is an option too


I agree, Lounge Lizard EP-4 has a reasonable CPU usage. It sounds okay when played with the band and in a more percussive/funky way. I could not get a decent sound for solo passages, intros or ballads (like in this video).

That’s why I use the Session Keys R (Rhodes Mark I Stage) or Session Keys S (Suitcase) from e-instruments or the Scarbee Classic EP-88S. Both are KONTAKT instruments. Unfortunately they don’t work pretty smooth on my Mac Book Pro when I automate some parameters.


I’ve Used Addictive Keys Mark One, and it is very low CPU


Of course Spectrasonics Keyscape is amazing but certainly not low CPU!


I use UVI Attack EP88 a lot. Love the attack and presence. Also, I really like Scarbee Classic EP-88S, although I’ve been using Pianoteq Rhodes and Wurlies a lot lately. Keyscape is great but it eats a lot of memory and CPU.