What has changed in 4.7?

I haven’t yet updated to 4.7 because I want to make sure nothing in my scripts will break. In particular, I have a gigantic Global Rackspace script which handles everything on my gig (note events, sustain and expression pedal and CC events, custom LUFS metering, patch routing/mixing, etc) and I would be in trouble if something stopped working while I’m on stage.

What is everyone’s experience with scripting in the new version? Have any of the more esoteric features (such as external widgets) changed functionality? Will I be safe to make the switch?

Version 4.8?
Where did you see it?

sorry, typo…

The only thing I noticed that some gp script functions may be deprecated, but they still work

Well, you shouldn’t switch over to 4.7 until you have completely tested your own gigfile. Other peoples’ experiences aren’t necessarily going to guarantee your own gigfile will be fine (though of course it should be)

This is excellent (and, one might hope, unnecessary) advice, but I wanted to check with others’ experience as well just to know what to look out for.

Yes GPScript behaves correctly in GP4.7 too. And I am also using external Widgets mapping. Of course it is much safer not to update just before a gig. Wait until you have time to test things.

This advice has actually nothing to do with GP itself and more about never changing or updating anything on a computer on which one depends for anything critical without time to test.

Doesn’t matter whether it is GP, a plugin update, an OS update, an AV update, installation or removal of an app, hardware change, etc. One just never knows what impact any change could have and you don’t want to find out just as you’re getting up on stage, no matter what experience anybody else has had.


To be clear, I suggested that the advice should be unnecessary because I hope we’re all careful and savvy computer users who already know how to be cautious with making changes to our systems! But the reminder is always appreciated.