What does chunk mean in GetGPPresetList

I’m wondering what the meaning of chunks are in the GPScript function GetGPPresetList.
What ‘decides’ if a preset ends up in which chunk?
I did a check and so far all presets are in chuck 0, but I’m wondering what the conditions to have a GP preset not in chunk 0.

I guess there is a maximum amount of presets per chunk (if so, how many), and how many chunks can exist?

GetGPPresetList : Get the Nth chunk of GP Preset names

  • Declaration: function GetGPPresetList (p : Block, chunkN : integer) autotype returns String Array
  • Category: Plugins
    Parameters * p : Block
    • chunkN : integer
  • Autotype
  • returns String

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Could it be there is a maximum of 255/256 per chunk ? I don’t see any description about it in the documentation.

Array size is limited in GP Script, hence the need for chunking if you have more than 256 presets.

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Thank you … then I will adapt my script as I will reach that number probably early sooner than later.