We had our first live show last night

My Kronos was full of samples I’ve been accumulating for Tony’s old instruments, so I’m loading those in Kontakt 6 for GP. I briefly had a Kronos 73, but switched that out for a Casio PX-350 on the bottom - much lighter!

what are you using for the lead guitar sound, as well as other guitar sounds?

Hi Egonkren,
Hope you are well. Curious about the guitar sound?
It’s actually sampled into Reason , from my korg z1 synth. I created the sound on the synth. ( sorry not a preset ) What you are hearing is the sampled notes from my korg made as a patch in the nn - xt sampler using Reason ( from the korg z1 samples ) I sample each note. Not as good as the real keyboard sound.
But hey, its still playable.
The organ sound, was sounding so epic , that it inspired me to play this. I dont really know how to play the actual song i covered, lol. Just a short fun jam !

While I replaced the hammer tips of my Rhodes, I watched the whole show on my 65" TV and listened to the sound on studio monitors. I’ve never been an absolute fan of Pynk Floyd, but I really enjoyed the show and the performance and spent a little over two hours feeling like I was in the middle of the band. I really had a good time. :sunglasses:


Thanks for the kind words, @David-san

Fantastic show… sounding so good, you’d never know it was your first post pandemic gig! Glad to hear Version 4 performed so well… we’re looking forward to it!