Waves Codex not showing up?


Just installed version 10 of Waves Codex. It shows up in DAW as available plug-in but doesn’t show up in GP3. any ideas?


Mac? Windows? Did you do a scan? Are those plugins in a folder that GP doesn’t know about?



Mac and yes AU component is where it should be that’s why the DAW sees it fine


thanks I didn’t see window for manager. yes it was red as it failed before I updated it. will try to rescan now its updated


all good! thank you! : )


I put together a quick KB article about this



much appreciated. I was scouring the setup and audio menus for a plugin manager, just never thought to look in Windows menu. haha Almost assumed knowing that GP scans on open it would auto-find the update, but I can see why if you have a problematic plugin, you don’t want it troubleshooting while you’re at a gig. this is a great way to handle it actually : )