Want to control hardware synth from midi controller

I have searched and cannot find an answer to my question., have a Yamaha modx8 and NI A61. I also have Komplete 12 on my laptop.

i want to be able to use the A61 to control the plugins from NI and also the onboard sounds of the MODX8

I have not had a problem with setting the vst connection to either keyboard but I cannot seem to find a way to control the sounds of the hardware Modx using the A61.

For background. The Modx allows for 8 “parts” to be controlled by the main Keybed and then another 8 “parts” can be controlled by a DAW or midi channel defined (9-16) controller. (In addition the Modx is an interface and so the laptop sound comes directly out of the Modx main L&R outputs without needing a separate audio interface which I have got working)

I know It is possible as I have Camelot pro on the iPad and this works well and the integration is great with the Yamaha. I can also set the midi channels, parts and all controls on the iPad and everything connects well… but I would really like to use the Komplete suite live on top of the modx8. I have been able to set the programme change to call up the correct “patch” but can’t seem to get the midi ins and outs correct so that when I play a key on the A61, it will access the relevant parts on the Modx.

Hope that all makes sense.

I have the latest full GP running (fully paid for) and therefore would prefer to use this rather than purchase the full windows Camelot pro.

Hi @Blastedkane, welcome to the community! First of all, for you to figure out how things work with GP, I think you should at least read the manual once. I had a look at a time at Camelot and I have the feeling that GP goes farther but in a different way.

To control the MODX8 from the A61 you have to connect the MIDI in block of the A61 to the MIDI out block MODX8. To address the proper channel of the MODX8, then you can either change the outgoing MIDI channel in the A61 or modify it within GP.

Tell us how it works for you :wink:

Thank you for the above and sorry its taken so long to come back… Life and lockdown happened and I had other distractions and priorities…

The above sort of helped but I still couldn’t get it to work… I got the programme change working but still could only control limited channels… So I walked away for a while… I have just been back on there tonight and had a brainwave which has worked… I think this may be due to my particular combination but the way to control all 16 parts (performances) on the modx from the NI A61 is to create 16 midi in plugins and change channel1 in each from 1 to consecutive channels… You can then use widgets to be able to turn them off and on… I think this is because the A61 appears to only transmit on ch1 and you cannot reprogramme it (at least I don’t think so) and the channel control on the modx has major limitations…