VST3 and AU

In the beginning I used AU a lot for my plugins. But lately I’ve realized that VST3 works best in GigPerformer. I can’t control any functions of my older patches that are AU. Instead of the usual graphic interface for, let’s say Omnisphere, it’s just a long row of sliders. I wish I could paste a picture in here. I can’t tweak the sounds at all. I have to use what I programmed.

Is there a way for me to change my AU plugins into the VST3 version without losing my settings?
There are some sounds in there that I need to know the names of.

That’s what I’m dealing with. Any advice would be very welcome.


You could try saving a preset with the plugin’s preset manager if it has one and then try reloading it in the VST version – no guarantees though – depending on how they save presets, it could work perfectly or it could blow up.

(Also, if you’re using AUs, you must be on Mac - why did you post this to the Windows category?)

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Unfortunately I can’t get to the preset manager.

and… you are totally right.! I’m in the wrong spot. Thanks for saying something. I’ll move this over to the Mac thread.

I included a pic of what I see when I open up an instance of Omnisphere.

Yeah, this is a well known issue – use the VST version

I deleted your duplicate post

A well known issue of Omnisphere AU, not of GP.

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