vst to switch between plugins?

I’m looking for a vst that allows me to control it with a midi pedal so I can switch from one virtual amp to another, or perhaps a function that the gig preformer already has by default

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perhaps a function that the gig preformer already has by default
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Hi @bdlyangel, welcome to the GP community forum :wink:
Yes this is not a problem for GP. Take the time to test it.

To give you a broad hint: wire up both amps in parallel and then read up on how to map widgets to the BYPASS parameter of each plugin to bypass one or the other on the press of a button widget.

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User manual: How to add a widget to a Radio Group?


To me, this just sounds like you need to use a different rackspace for each of your amp setups. This is the main structure of Gig Performer: you use a different rackspace for a different ‘sound’.


But it is very common for a guitarist to switch amps for different tones mid song using a different amp for their lead tone in solos.


I switch amps all the time during songs using separate rackspaces. Nice thing about this that there are no glitches. Bypassing might cut off a delay tail or reverb quite brutal, where switching rackspaces does not. So I totally agree with @rank13

Edit: FYI: I switch between rackspaces using a foot controller.

OK, fair enough. I was just thinking how our guitarist programs his patches on his Helix where he will switch amps in and out and has everything within one patch.

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I don’t use rackspace switching because I often have backing tracks in rackspace that don’t have to stop when I change amp or preset.

So I use the radio button bypass method in variations and I don’t have any problems with reverb or delay since they are plugins connected after the amps.

A method for every case :wink:


My thought too :grinning:

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I would think, in that case, another option is putting the background tracks in the Global Rackspace.

I didn’t go into detail in my previous post, but the reason I don’t use global rackspace for backing tracks is that I trigger fade-in/fade-out between several Audio File Players in several rackspaces (morphing is then done by the audio tail of the current rackspace and the automove of the next rackspace).

As some backing tracks are relatively long (up to 20 minutes), their entirety would weigh a lot in a global rackspace, and, in addition, the method I use reduces the number of midi footswitches controllers (my two hands remain permanently on the guitar throughout the performances :wink: ).

As SAFP is fairly recent, I now sometimes use it for new projects in the global rackspace in conjunction with the rackspace audio file players, but I don’t intend to modify my old gig files as they work perfectly well and I’ve memorized their controls.

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