Volume Spikes when switching rackspaces and using "audio tail"

Audio tail is a great feature to blend one sound into the next. Unfortunately the tail is added to the signal of the new rackspace rather than blended, so if I keep playing when switching rack spaces more often than not I am fighting with volume spikes. Which usually makes me put the tail length to as short as possible.

Ideally there would not just be a tail length feature, but also a tail level feature…? Or am I doing something wrong?

Using what plugins to you experience this?
Win or Mac?

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I‘m on a Mac, running guitar amps into a mixer and there adding reverb, delays, pitch.
I‘ll do more thorough tests and come back with more detail.

I found the same thing and concluded you can’t play through the rackspace change. You need a pause in your playing. If this can’t be done you’d have to expand a single rackspace to manage the different sounds.

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Did you try patch persist?

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I tried both. I think it is especially when I go from a distorted sound (compressed) to a clean one (very dynamic). if the very full tail of the distorted sound tail hits the clean sound then it’s the most extreme.

And what would you like should be done by Gig Performer in this situation?

Ideally there would be a parameter for a limiter in the fade over phase, depending on how long that is set, so that the signal is max’ed at a certain level. Or a crossfade rather than signal addition, with an adjustable intensity.

So if I go from Lead distortion to rhythm distortion, I would not use cross fade, so the rhythm is tight, but if I go from a overdrive solo with lots of delay to a clean part, I would use the crossfade.

I have no idea if that would fix it though, it would probably require testing.

Getting back to this one. I changed my approach of switching between rack spaces and rather using one rackspace (per song) and switch between variations. Like this there is no issue and the spill over is seamless.

So I’d say my issue is a non issue now