Volume Fade Out at the end of a Song: How?

I would like to make a Volume Fade Out at the end of a Song. I don’t want to use different rackspaces or rackspace variations. Is it possible to do this with a simple MIDI CC Command or something like this? What is the easiest way to do this? I read some posts about this topic, but I still don’t know what would be the best approach to do this.

I assume you’re talking about an automated fade out. Have a look at this scriptlet for ideas:

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Thank you very much. I will have a look at this. Looks good!

If i understood right your description of the desired purpose, i would recommend to send the audio out from every rackspace to the global rackspce via To Global / From Local blocks.
Then in the global rackspace use two separate Gain blocks for the main volume control.
So, the audio coming from the “From Local” block would go into the first gain block, which will be controlled by the “automove” script (as already mentioned by @rank13 )- this gainblock will only act as a timer bsed “full ON / full OFF” for the audio signal.
The second gain block AFTER the first, would be controlled by i.e. your foot pedal, which will do the actual desired volume control (if the timer based gain block is fully ON).
That way you can do your usual volume control and in addition to that you’d have an automated fade in/out option on top of that.

How do I get the auto move script into another gig file? I have copied everything from the example file into another file, but I don’t have the auto move plugin in the other file.

I exported the rackspace from the example file into my gig file. So basically I got the movement working. Would it be possible to get the auto move mechanism to send for example continuous CC29 values to a certain MIDI Out? Because then I could automate directly the Volume of my Console Software.

load the example gig file, switch to the wiring view, rightclick the “automove scriptlet” and save it as favorite - from then on you can insert it in any gig file by just rightclicking an empty space in the wiring view and insert it from your favorites-collection. (See also the docs for “Favorites”).
In the example gigfile you will see, how you can use it with widgets…

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As I said before. Thank you very much. This is working, but the following question remains:
Would it be possible to get the auto move mechanism to send for example continuous CC29 values to a certain MIDI Out?

There are always two (or more) widgets working in a widget group, one is controlled via the scriptlet parameter (=parent) and the other (child, which follws) is connected to any parameter you connect it to - so if you connect it with the CC#29 parameter of a midi out block it will control this parameter.
You could also throw another 15 widgets in the same widget group while each of those widgets could be connected with a diffrent parameter of another 15 plugins, midi blocks, gain blocks… whatever!
And each of those widgets could have its own value curve or polarity as well.