Volume Control via Expression Pedal

Hello there, can you suggest me the best way to control the volume of a guitar setup via expression pedal. Should I use a separate Mixer after the Input and route it to an expression pedal. Or is there a better way. I’d like to use the volume control before the Delay, so you still hear the effect when rolling back the volume to zero. Thanks.

Best and easiest way to do it is to:

1.place a gain control at the place you want the volume control - so in your case it sounds like it would be after amp, drives, etc but before delay and reverb.
2. Once you’ve done that, create a widget - either a knob or a fader widget; just something that is continuous - and assign the widget to control the level of the gain plugin you just added.
2b. A bonus step which personally I find helps is to change the max value possible of the widget to match 0dB - this means that the full sweep of the pedal will go between silence and 0db (max volume without any boosting)
3. Now, activate the MIDI learn for the widget you added and move the expression pedal - this will then learn the MIDI signal the expression pedal is sending out to the widget.

Now when you move the expression pedal it will move the widget which in turn controls the gain level - result is a volume pedal! This is they way I do it and it works great so should do what you need as well :slight_smile:


What gain control do you use. Thanks.

@speed12 is referring to the built in gain control block in GP located under the “Gain Controls” submenu when you right click to insert a plugin.

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Thank you for the help. Really quick answers in this forum!!! Thumbs up.

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