Vocal Harmonizer Plug

Anyone using or have a recommendation for a vocal harmonizer plug in? Ideally, I would want to send my microphone into the audio and play the notes on keyboard that I wanted the harmonizer to “sing”. I have the TC Helicon Perform VK (hardware unit), which more or less does this, but trying to find something in the box and eliminate another piece of external gear.

Here are some recommendations from another site – I haven’t tried any of them so have no opinion myself

I’m currently trying out iZotope VocalSynth 2 for this and more general vocoding.

Arturia Vocoder V?

Antares Harmony Engine sounds good for vocals and has cool flexibility. Not light on cpu, but may still be ok. But last I tried the latest version around a year or so ago (with the new dark theme), it was using some kind of authorizer that stays running in the background it seemed. The previous version (light theme) didn’t need that and I didn’t notice any change in the plugin functioning, so I went back to that one, as I had kept it as a backup. Perhaps that background process wouldn’t be of any consequence though.