Visual Metronome

I read a post from 2018 that has a visual metronome gigfile attached, which is very cool, BUT, here is my question:
I am a keyboardist that plays live solo, and regularly begin songs with backing tracks by myself (think Miami 2017 by Billy Joel). Is there a way to sync the visual metronome with the click track of the backing track so I am playing at tempo when the “band” comes in on the backing track??

Hi @baby88, is it not enough if you use a meter widget on the click track for this purpose?

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Hi David-san,
I hadn’t thought of that. I was looking for something that would blink in time to the click track but I suppose a dedicated meter, set to a fast response time, would suffice. I will have to experiment with that. I just thought that someone would have come up with a linked “metronome” style light by now!
Thank you for the fresh perspective!

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You could use, MMetronome from Melda Productions (its in their free bundle).
I use it myself also to send it to a mixer widget, where I than can set the balance between the metronome, incoming FOH monitor Mix, my Keys, my Vocals. Works great.

I noticed one thing though, that when I have my gig open for “a long time” (16 Hours +). Then suddenly the Metronome produces a sine of 440 Hz FullScale Output… And the only way to stop it is to replace plugin by itself again in you wiring view (or to bypass… but turning off bypass you will get again the sine wave) Actually was going to create a topic on that issue here, to see if anyone has experienced the same Issue.

Unless you play +16hours in a row, you should not experience that issue :slight_smile:

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When do you close Gig Performer :joy:

Sounds like an number overflow. You should try leaving it open and running the same way in another DAW and see what happens.

When I’m in actual rehearsal mode, I leaving everything running for days


Normally its on 24/7 here :slight_smile:

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Hi rreuscher,
Thanks for the input. I’m looking specifically for something that is visual only. Playing in a small, intimate venue doesn’t lend itself well to the audible “tick” of the metronome behind a solo piano!
However, I will look Melda Productions up!
Thanks again and good luck with the 16+ hour marathon gig you’re playing!! :smiley:

You can configure it to be visual only ( Like an old school metronoom ), the audio clicks, you can turn them on/off

Will try it tonight

Outstanding!! I’ll take a look this evening.
Thanks again!