Visual Bassic (feat. bass guitar & Gig Performer)

after 15 years, i am really thrilled to have successfully replaced my by-now-vintage setup with GP!

As VISUAL BASSIC Katrin Bethge (overhead projections) and John Eckhardt (bass) create audiovisual situations in real time which balance active composition with self organizing processes. Employing light refracting objects, liquids and everyday materials directly on her analog projector, Katrin Bethge conjures up equally cosmic and microscopic spaces. John Eckhardt’s structured yet always changing live electronic music draws on stylistic influences such as Krautrock, Drone and Dub Techno - a personal language for the bass guitar committed to pulsating low frequencies as well as to spectral soundscaping. Without pre-recorded material, all looping and modulation takes place in real time.

With simple means, visual bassic immerse their audience in an archaic synaesthetic adventure and in their quest for both subtle progression and trance. Over years and dozens of performances, Katrin Bethge and John Eckhardt have created unique modes of interaction and a holistic mutual understanding - operating in high resolution and in several dimensions, yet fragile and magic…

more info & media: VISUAL BASSIC | John Eckhardt


Thanks for sharing! Can you tell us more about your setup, i.e. your computer specification, audio interface, plugins you use? :slight_smile:

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