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Does anyone know a way to create a playlist of videos, try to use vidplayvst, but you can only play one video at a time, what I want to achieve is a show, where I can have a list of audio tracks, a list of videos and metronome synchronized with each other.


Maybe you can have a Streaming Audio File Player with markers + multiple VIDPlayVST blocks where every track triggers a different video.

Hi thanks for your opinion, in fact, what you mention is the first option I tried, but at the moment of positioning the viewer window in the second screen, both open simultaneously.

to give a little more context.

in my performance, i have 5 songs which have videos with animations synchronized with the sound, what i want is to be able to make a set where when i press the play button automatically trigger the BPM change, the metronome, the track and the video, when i finish that song #1, click next and again automatically trigger the BPM change, the metronome, the track and the video of the song #2.

I’ve been looking at many options, the best for me was a post where they use Mix16pro or Qlab, the downside, I’m a Windows user :frowning:

I’ll keep looking and share with you what I find, if anyone has any ideas, I’m listening.

thanks and greetings

I do similar.
For videos I am using the VJ software Grand VJ.
Clips can be triggered via virtual midi or OSC messages.

Works very reliable and this software has the keystone feature.


Alternatively, there is a nice French open source software Chataigne that can receive OSC messages and control VLC Player (many applications and interfaces are supported).

Link: Chataigne | Chataigne


Wow…this looks very interesting

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I did the tests with chataigne, a little complicated but nothing that can not be solved, it was the best option for being a free software, and I could make the set as I had intended

thanks npudar
thanks guys


If you feel like writing a tutorial for how to do this, it would make a nice blog article :wink:


I agree with @dhj :slight_smile:

I’m glad that you succeeded! :beers:

I agree with @npudar to agree with @dhj ! :wink: