Video Course for Gig Performer Users

Performing With Gig Performer - a new video course from Ask.Video is now available. More info here.

Performing With Gig Performer - a new video course from Ask.Video is now available. There are 28 short videos (ranging in length from 2 to 5 minutes) that will help you get to grips with the key features of Gig Performer.

The course was developed by Matt Vanacoro, an A-List NYC based performer, composer and educator with deep experience in all aspects of production, synthesis, electronic keyboards and music technology.

You can watch up to three previews for free to see if the course is suitable for you.

Visit Ask.Video now for more details.


Finally a clearly structured course for Gig Performer. :+1:
I watched the first three previews and i must say: Not bad!
This is something that i have missed in most of the Plugin Alliance videos about Gig Performer, most of the time they only talk about their plugins and how cool they sound, but only view information on how to work with Gig Performer in a useful way, which actually is a bit bad.

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After viewing the 3 free videos, I pulled out my credit card and did the Purchase for Life purchase. I 'm really excited about going through all of them. I think it’s a great addendum to all the info I gain on tlhis sight!


Wow, I’m so glad to see this! I bought GP months ago but I have 3 young children and you know how it is with kids in the house. Hopefully these videos will teach me what I need to know to just sit down and use GP. Thanks!!!


Fantastic I will dig into this one and learn what I’ve missed by winging it. I have had a subscription to ask for years but have been using groove3 lately

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I finally bought the GP video courses and watched the first few videos. I’m thankful to whoever created it.