VI Labs new Modern U upright

I asked them for an upright a couple of years ago to go with my 4 grands, and was told to hold my horses. Well, I had to hold them for 2 years, but it looks like the final result was worth the wait! Runs in UVI Workstation.

Among their piano VST, do you know the difference between those with « true keys » before and the others ?

Guessing here, but I think True Keys was the bundle name. The Ravenscroft was more deeply sampled, with an additional pair of mics, and additional sample types. It’s interesting to see the generational UI changes.

I don’t have Pianoteq, so can’t compare playability, but the VI Labs pianos are great.

I think pianos are a matter of taste and can only be evaluated when playing. When earring, it is not the same, because you cannot evaluate if the piano does what you want it to do. And to tell the truth I have a lot of difficulties to find a piano VST that matches what I like. I am happy to have found the Ivory American Concert D, because I am unhappy with most of the piano VST I could test until now. And to tell the truth I am so satisfied, that I don’t look for another one. I had to do it recently because of a Pace/iLok issue. There are a lot of well known and widely appreciated pianos VST that I don’t like to play on my VPC1 controller. Among the one I own or could test: Keyscape C7, NI pianos in the Komplete bundle (The Grandeur, Alicia keys, Maverick, The Giant, etc…), Arturia Piano V2, Pianoteq. I can survive with The Grandeur, Alicia Keys or the Pianoteq model D, but as soon as I compare with my Ivory American Concert D I cannot come back to any other.
It is probably a musical pathology, but as I found a remedy by Synthogy, I feel OK now, thank you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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