Versatility of Gig Performer is Unparallel and Gives Life to Old Devices


I posted this excerpt as a reply and I completely stand by the power of this. As I dig in more, I find that I can give my newest Macbook rest while utilizing my “old” I7 with different rigs while running and controlling 2 keyboards in the same rackspace with, at least, 12 instances of plugins running. Granted, I am bypassing what I am not using but I normally have at least 2 plugins running at the same time with 1 per controller (I use, at least 2 controllers live).


There should be no latency when bypassed. I find it more useful in my genre of gospel to have multiple plugins running in one rackspace. I actually have 2 keyboards running on the same instance with 8 plugins a piece on an M1 Macbook and also an I7 Macbook Pro from 2012. I am running this at 196 and 256 and I’ve not seen a CPU usage above 50% at any time even with layering up to 3 sounds at a time. Keep in mind that I am using PianoTeq, Keyscapes, and other bulky CPU hogs on the market. Keyscape just optimizes the plugins for delivery in a live environment.


Thank you for sharing! :slight_smile: I saw your reply here.
What keyboard models are in the photo? :slight_smile:

I am using a Nektar P6 Midi Controller… Excellent feel and granularity with control for auxiliary sounds and on the bottom, I usually go with either my Yamaha S90, Yamaha MOX8, or Korg M3.

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