Versatile lightweight keys setup

Hi, so happy with this versatile, lightweight keys setup. I can probably set it up in less than 5 mins if not chatting with the other band members :grin:.

A powered usb hub along with all usb cables and (even the sustain pedal) are pre-attached to the foldable keys stand using strong cardboard strips. The keyboards and tablet (running Mobilesheets) are all usb-powered, so only one power supply needed for the entire keys-stand, and the usb cables are pre-attached to the stand. The iRig has an onboard audio interface (1 in 2 out). The usb hub on the keys-stand is connected to the laptop on a separate stand,.
The laptop needs its own power supply. Only one usb cable connects the two stands.
And runnning Gigperformer gives the obvious flexibility regarding sounds, splits layers and what not.

Clearly the most simple although versatile setup I’ve ever used, and never before been ready to play before the bass and guitarist :smiley:


Hey Magnus, thanks for sharing! :slight_smile: