Velocity to Trigger Palm Mute

We are down one guitar in my band, so I will probably add some where needed.

I have a couple guitar libraries, including Chris Hein Guitars.

To me, interspersing palm mutes is an essential sound in playing guitar parts. It often has to be done pretty rapidly.

It seems like CH Guitars only triggers palm mutes from a key switch.

From my perspective palm mutes should always be available to be triggered based on velocity. Basically, my preference is low velocity would hit a palm mute and high velocity would trigger a regular sustained sound.

Is there a way without scripting to trigger hitting the key switch note based on velocity?

Maybe if I have three midi in blocks. One would trigger the regular chord.

The other two would be set for the particular key switch (keyboard note) that triggers either palm mute or regular chord.

The note-on that triggers the palm mute keyswitch would only be triggered below a certain velocity and the note-on that triggers the regular chord keyswitch would only be triggered above the velocity.

I suppose there is an issue whether the keyswitch is triggered before the regular chord.

Would I need to delay the regular chord by a milisecond or two? Is there a way to ensure that the midi note-on message triggering the keyswitch is always triggered first?

I guess maybe this is something that is more suited for scripting? (Iā€™m clueless).



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Maybe this video helps - you can see at the 10th second an example: