Velocity scaling

Hi there,

Would someone be able to help me with a simple script. Al i want to do is take all notes and turn their velocities down a certain number… say - 10… so all velocities are -10 less than they were played.

If anyone could help I’d be very grateful


Is there a reason why the velocity scaling in the MIDI In block is not what you need?

I have so many midi In blocks in my setup its insane. Im trying to avoid yet another one just to do a small job.

But even with a a script you need a midi in block.

I can position it between the midi in and the plugin.

OK and why not use the inbuilt scaling curve in the MIDI In block?

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Instead of a scriptlet - which also uses space in the wiring view - you can place an additional MIDI In block and enable Merge.
This way you can route from the normal MIDI In to the additional MIDI In and in this additional MIDI In you use the velocity scaling.
So why need a scriptlet?


Won’t a MIDI In block also use space in the wiring view? :wink:

Sure, but the space needed by a scriptlet can be compared to a space needed by a MIDI In block, right?

They are the same size…

… unless you do this :slight_smile: