Velocity Curve for just One Note?

My main keyboard controller has one wonky key (E above middle C) that somehow developed an ultra-sensitive velocity curve. The vendor can’t fix it and it’s no longer under warranty.
Is there a way for a scriptlet to apply a special velocity curve to just that one note?

Use multiple MIDI In blocks, with one specifically for that note.
Once you’ve got it how you want it, save the group of blocks as a favorite. That way you can recall them all the next time you make a new rackspace.

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It is not clear to me if you can really fix this issue. If it is possible than I would to the following:

  • make a GPScript which creates a velocity correction array: the idea of this GPScript would be to play two successive keys of your controller with the same finger, the first of the keys being the key to fix, the second one being a reference key. Theoretically we should have the same velocity for the two keys, but as the velocity of the first one is not correct, it will differ from the good value given by the second key. The velocity of the key with the wrong velocity would be used as an index of the correction array, while the value at each index would be given by the value to the proper fly working key. Check if you can feel the array, and eventually interpolated missing entries (a linear interpolation should be enough here).
  • make a Gig GPScript which fix the defect key using the correction array and reinject it in the MIDI in port of the controller. This way your controller key should be fixed seamlessly when using the corresponding MIDI in block

This is a brilliant idea David. I will explore this concept further since a real solution would need to be global at the gig file/device level. I haven’t began writing my own scripts yet, but this may be the impetus to learn GPScript. Thank you.

I like this idea and will try it out. Thank you so much!

Wow! I feel shame when I read your posts! :wink:

But why? :hugs:

It reminds me how little I know about GP capabilities. But, the great thing is I can still get it to do everything I need! :slight_smile:

If it helps, some of users know how to leverage its capabilities more than I do, and I helped create the thing!


That’s the power of the GP concept. :+1:


Seems like a temp fix to a big problem… who would rely on a keyboard that develops “wonky” keys, never knowing when the next wonk will appear? Or has it always been that way? Personally I’d be shopping for a new controller.

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But thanks to a solution based on a GP fix, we can contribute to a sustainable economy and care for the planet. :innocent: