VB3-II Problem: Preset Not Loaded In Rackspaces

Has anyone run into this problem?

I’ve created a separate rackspace for each preset I want to use with the new version of the VB3-II plugin.

After the gig loads all the instances are either set to the first rackspace preset sound or the default sound. I’m not sure because when I view the plugin instance the name of the preset is correct.

Therefore, the plugin instance in each rackspace does have the correct preset name, but not the correct sound. It’s the same sound in all rackspace instances.

I did create my rackspaces by duplicating a rackspace with the VB3-II plugin. I didn’t create each one as a new rackspace and insert the VB3-II plugin.

A bug or is there a solution? Thanks…

Have you tried the same with another plug-in format (VST/VST3/…)?
Sounds to me like it could be a bug in the plugin…

Hi @dwhitejazz
There is a known issue with VB3-II VST3 and we are working with the manufacturer to resolve this.
For now, you can use the VST version which should work fine.

Thanks. So the problem doesn’t exist in the VST2 version and I should switch to that version?

… neverending story … :confused:

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It seems so…

I swapped out the VST3 for the VST2 version in all my rackspaces and this is working. The patches are correctly retained upon loading the gig.

However, sometimes when I shutdown Gig Performer I’m getting a crash and I’m assuming this is due to the VB3-II plugin. I used the option to send the report to the Gig Performer team. I sent it just a few minutes ago (2024-03-23 around 1:40pm). Could someone check and see if this is the VB3-II plugin or something else?


It might make sense to post the crash report here too.

I just clicked submit when the dialog box came up. I think when I do that it doesn’t get saved in the CrashDumps directory under LocalData.

We got the crash report - definitely VB3

Got this just on shutdown. Perhaps some race condition on unloading?

Whatever it is, it happened inside VB3 but as mentioned, we are working with that company to resolve issues.

Is there more than just the patch loading issue with the VST3 version? Is there a list of known bugs that can be posted?

@dhj Can you please create a ticket and attach the dump file? this is a different issue than the issue of the VST3 preset not loading.


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@ dwhitejazz
Got an update from GSI - after working together they now released an update with the VST3 preset loading bug fixed.

The crash was not targeted yet.

Just tested, was working fine