V3 Scripts not auto-loading in V4

I’m sure its simple - but I am starting to play with GP4 and I cannot seem to get V3 scripts to autoload.

So if I load a rack containing scripts in V3 - then if I go into the editor they are present. However, if I try the same thing in V4 ( i.e. loading exactly the same V3 rack) and then go into the editor it says there are no scripts - just the answer is 42. I have tried this with a couple of racks and exactly the same thing is happening. I have tried going back to load the same script in V3 and apart from it telling me the version has changed - its still loads the script into the editor.

As I say - am sure its simple and I have missed something vital - but before I undergo a hunt for the problem then have I missed something vital.

Windows 10 and GP 4.0.52

Ignore this …

I’ve just discovered there are now multiple script editors and I was trying to edit the Gig one when it was actually in the Rackspace editor.