UVI/B5 ghost plugin?

As a followup to the problems I’ve been experiencing with B5 and UVI Workstation - they are still persisting. Although their tech help has been very responsive and with me sending him attachments of all my error messages, I’m still at a loss for why I’m experiencing all this download grief. As a last resort, I have deleted the UVI Workstation and related sound banks in hopes that a completely new download will solve my issue. HOWEVER, another strange thing has reared its head in GP itself. Today I imported a rackspace that included UVI and B5 just to see if they would not appear due to being deleted. To my surprise UVI Workstation and B5 were still present. B5 is still outputting audio, but nothing else, ie.drawbar,Leslie speed,etc. is working. WHAT am I missing here???

I’m getting ready to go back to my old faithful, Blue3 and PSP L’Otary2

If the plugins were instantiated - they are still on your system and you did not remove them completely.

I had to download an app called UVI Portal to successfully uninstall UVI. Now when I import a rackspace that I’ve created with B5, GP says the UVI Workstation is missing. So I think I’m done with Acoustic Samples for now. Back to Blue 3 for me…
Thanks for your advice David!

I mean Nebojsa!