Using Widgets to Activate/Deactivate Instruments in Variations

I’m trying desperately to minimize the number of rackspaces to reduce load time and memory requirements, My most common keyboard instrument combination is a B-3X organ and either an acoustic piano, Rhodes, Wuli or Clavinet. I use my top MIDI controller for the B-3X and use drawbar widgets to set and save settings between variations. On the bottom keyboard, I want to switch between Acoustic, Rhodes, Wurli and Clavinet using variations within the same rackspace. So it would look something like this.

My question is, what is the best way to toggle on/off the instruments under the bottom (SL73/88) keyboard, such that I have a variation with just acoustic piano, another with just Rhodes, etc.? What widet(s) would I use to effectively enable and disable each instrument and can the widget settings be saved for each variation?

You should place the Midi Filter Plugin between your SL73 and each VST Plugin.
With the variations you could filter the Note On event.
This way you avoid having notes because all other events except Note On come through.
I do that all the time, works great.

Here is an example gig
PluginFilter.gig (14.5 KB)

Oh cool!! Do I use front-panel widgets to enable/disable each MIDI filter and save the setting for that variation?

Yes, use widgets like in my Gig I uploaded.
DO NOT CHECK “Ignore Variations” !

Thank you, pianopaul! This will work great!!

The only problem I see with this is that your top keyboard will switch to its stored settings too as soon as you pick a new sound for your bottom board.

I think I would have multiple variations with different combinations of keyboards and organ. For example:

  • Variation 1: AP and B3
  • Variation 2: Rhodes and B3
  • Variation 3: Wurli and B3

For each variation, the B3 could also have different drawbar settings. I’m not sure how I see how the top keyboard (Numa Compact 2X) will be impacted, other than by the drawbar widget settings for each variation.

What I mean is if you have 880088008 (or whatever) on your B3 in your B3/AP setting and 808800000 in your B3/Rhodes setting, the sound of your organ will change when you switch between AP and Rhodes. Same if you tweak the organ during playing and you switch AP/Rhodes within a song. This may be desirable or not (in my situation, not).

Yes, I am aware that will occur. For me, that can be desirable in some situations.

I am concerned that I will still have a lot of distinct rackspaces using lots of memory and taking forever to load at startup. I will use GP exclusively for live performance in a band that does not use standard setlists. Thus, the predictive option does me no good.

When you use widgets to control your drawbars and check „Ignore variations“ the organ sound will not change when you switch variations.

Ah that’s a good tip that might help me with my own setup, thank you!

BTW… a hint for all who often use drawbars in their rackspaces:
Dragging a drawbar widget onto the rackspace panel and holding the “9” key when releasing the mouse button, will give you a perfect set of nine drawbars ready to use (in the right colors).


With the right colors ? Really ? I will have to try this!

Super hint!
With black in white in correct order, fantastic

I once stumbled upon this “accidentially” - after i already had assembled some rackspaces before, bar by bar by bar…

Would be cool when you press 4 when dragging a drawbar widget and the colors would be brown,brown,white,white

This is documented here, but not this special with drawbars

And by pressing twice you can switch from horizontal to vertical layout (makes sense when dragging button widgets for example)

I bow down to our developers. :pray:

I vote for @schamass, for the best tip of the month :medal_sports: :pray: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: