Using same gig file with different audio interface with different numbers of output chanels

Hi, I have a little bit of problem.

I use a 6 output audio interface on my church. It will always be there. At home, I have 2 output audio interface. How to make it simpler whenever I want to change setting on my gig files at home an bring it back to the church? Usually, I need to redo all the connection to audio interface output. With so many plugins, and several gig files, it is tedious.

Have an idea my friends?

If you have your gig set up to use 6 output channels and then open it while using an audio interface with 2 channels, Gig Performer should ask you about this and create virtual output channels which are then mapped to your physical ones:


There are however more flexible (and at the same time more fliexible approaches):

  1. On macOS: Aggregate audio devices
  2. Virtual loopback drivers which have a multitude of input channels and contain a Mixer:
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it looks like the problem is in going the other way, that there are more output channels on the second device than on the first device.

i’d suggest looking at Loopback - i’ve found it useful for this situation. it took a little while to get my head around it, understanding what a “virtual channel” is for example, but once i created a Loopback device that matched with all of my various inout and output devices AND my occasional looping situation with 2 instances of GP, things are quite easy.

and GP users get a discount…i didn’t know about that when i bought it :frowning: hahaha

My gig performer never showed me this dialog. Any ideas why?

Yes - if you never routed anything beyond channels 1 and 2 then this will not come up as you do not need virtual channels. It will only create as many virtual channels as you need for that gig file.

I guess you could create a blank gig file with your 6 output interface and connect something from the last input to the last output channel. That will force this virtual channel creation.