Using Roland Cloud instruments in Test Drive mode?

I currently have the Roland Cloud JUNO-60 in “Test Drive” mode in Roland Cloud.

Both the AU and the VST3 are “Deactivated after failing to initialise correctly” in Gig Performer on macOS 10.14.6 Mojave. Everything works perfectly fine in Gig Performer on Windows 10 as a VST3.

Does anyone know if there’s some way to get this to work on macOS? I realize that “Test Drive” mode is a temporary state, but still… and thank you!!!

Are you sure that you are using 64 bit versions?

Yes? There’s only one choice … do you have any tips for me to verify this?

I might add that the ZENOLOGY PRO plugin, installed the same way from Roland Cloud Manager, works just fine. The only difference is that it’s not a “Test Drive” offering (but, rather, it’s a part of my current plan …)

Is there some other way to troubleshoot what’s going on here? Advanced Gig Performer logs or something?

What happens when you rescan failed plugins via the rig manager?

They wind up in the same state: “Deactivated after failing to initialise correctly”

And on windows also in test drive they can be validated?

Yes, correct! No issues whatsoever on Windows with the exact same Roland Cloud credentials and same version of Gig Performer – everything was just installed fresh in the last couple of days. So whatever is going on, it’s specific to macOS (and maybe to macOS 10.14?)

Do you have Internet connection on your Mac?

I do, indeed!

I asked Roland if it could be an issue with macOS 10.14 Mojave, and they replied that it works in macOS 12 Monetery :man_shrugging: