Using rigs between two macs

Part of my workflow across my iMac desktop and M1 Mackbook Air is to sync my gig performer .gig files between computers using icloud. In fact GP does this for me automatically, as it convenniently saves to my Documents folder which in turn is automatically sync’d to iCloud.

This all works beautifully apart from one thing - which is a bit of a showstopper for this workflow scenario:

I have identically named aliases set up in Rig manager for the different midi keyboards attached to each computer.
i.e. I have a casio digital piano as my midi controller attached to my iMac in my studio.
Then I have a M-Audio midi controller for my laptop out on the road.

On each computer, in GP I have a rig manager alias called ‘piano’. On each computer this alias is mapped to the respective midi keyboard.

Problem is when I use these aliases on one computer, then open the .gig file on the other computer, the aliases aren’t mapped any more. I.e. No sound, because no incoming midi from the alias.
This occurs even though the aliases are present in rig manager.

To resolve this, I have to remap all the midi inputs in the gig file to the ‘piano’ alias - and then I’m back in the game.

I can only assume that the rig manager aliases in the .gig files are not referenced using the rig manager alias name - maybe an internal id?

Did you build the rig manager on each Mac separately or did you export and import the rig manager file?

Thanks Paul, I’ve just twigged. I need to export the rig, and import on the other machine so the uid’s are the same, Doh! Thanks for the pointer.