Using Omnisphere with Songs in GP3.x


I use instances of Omnisphere or Keyscape for nearly every song I perform. In the past, I have had a rack space set up for each song, each with a different patch.

In GP3, the idea is to use the rack spaces as sounds to draw from for songs. Is it possible to have an Omnisphere rack space as a sound source and simply load a new preset into the plug in? If so, how would this be accomplished?

On a different subject, the “Capture variation into this part” doesn’t seem to be working for me. I have associated a rack space with a song part, changed parameters and then clicked the floppy disc icon with that title. Nothing changes, but no confirmation is given either. When I click to a different song part and then click back to the song part I tried to alter, it reverts to the underlying rack settings. What am I missing?


Capture Variation saves changed widget parameters and not parameters changed directly in the plugin.


I don’t know exactly what you mean when you say “sound source”. If you use different presets in Omnisphere, you should also use different Rackspaces for them. Using one Rackspace and change plugin presets is not recommended, even less with a plugin like Omnisphere or Keyspace that have to load sample data. You also loose the Patch Persist functionality (you switch to the new sound while holding a chord and you still hear the “old” sound)…

That’s why I normally recommend to use one Rackspace per plugin preset.


I would generally agree with @jazzundso however, Omnisphere has its own Live mode and its own version of persisting sounds when you switch. For some users who are only using Omnisphere, this might be a useful alternative. I wrote a blog article about this last year with instructions for how to do it. Of course now that we have songs and parts, the approach can be improved but it’s a good starting point.


This is not optimal, but it could work:

All you have to do is create a widget, send a CC message to the Midi In Plugin which is connected to
Omnisphere and in Omnisphere you do a Midi Learn.


“Capture variation into this part” is not saving the changes I am making to the widgets for the mixer in my rack space. What can I do to GET THIS FEATURE WORKING?

My work around was to create a new rack space variation and assign that to the song part. But this kind of defeats the purpose of the song part.


Thanks for the blog post dhj. A clear tutorial. But I use Stack Mode and a foot controller (CC1) to crossfade between and/or blend parts. So I guess I should stick with one rack space per preset.

Which lead to these queries: Are the rack spaces permanently tied to the “songs”? How do we save or export songs? Are songs always added to the “all songs” setlist? How do we save or export setlists?


What version of GP3 are you using? There was an initial issue with this that we discovered at NAMM but it was fixed in a minor update last week.

When you say it’s not working for mixer widgets, is it working for other widgets?


…and did you change the faders in the mixer itself or do you use fader widgets on your rackspace panel that are mapped to the mixer’s faders? (Just to avoid any missunderstanding)


Thanks for the feedback. Yes, I changed the fader widgets on my backspace and the changes were not remembered.

I am on GP 3.0.43. I will try the update and report back.


I think that issue was fixed properly in 3.0.45


Thank you! It appears to be working correctly in 3.0.45.


Thanks for confirmation


…queries: Are the rack spaces permanently tied to the “songs”? How do we save or export songs? Are songs always added to the “all songs” setlist? How do we save or export setlists?



  • Rackspaces are not tied to songs. Rackspace variations are tied to song parts. They can be easily changed and you can prevent accidental change by using the little “lock” icon.
  • Songs are always added to the “All Songs” list.
  • We are working on an update that will allow exporting of individual songs and entire setlists. This will be available in the next GP update (soon)


Good news! :+1:
Will this export include the connected rackspaces as well?
(Maybe this could be made as ‘optional’).
Some kind of “clean up” automatism would also be nice to have… i.e. to get rid of rackspace-duplicates.


No worries @schamass :slight_smile: Export of individual song or setlists will export everything needed for that song/setlist including rackspaces. Duplicates will be auto detected and dealt with - be it songs or rackspaces.

It should work really intuitively and you, as a user, should not have to worry about duplicates and where things are. You export a song and then import it - everything is just there :slight_smile:

Stay tuned…


@djogon That sounds like a perfect solution. I like the functionality of the songs and setlist features, but I was having some anxiety about the possibility of them becoming “uncoupled” or “disassociated” with the relevant rack space(s) and variations. I am a music minister for a local church and program over 500 songs per year (roughly 10 per week), only a portion of which rotate in and out of use. Managing backspaces has been doable thanks to the export/import options for rack spaces (which I have been using as songs). What you outlined above would be extremely helpful for my application. More power to the GP team!!!