Using my mc8 to control my guitar rig

I made a rackspace in Gig Performer with my preferred softwares to play guitar and I use my MC8 to control these softwares.

I have made my first BANK PRESET in the MC8 to control HELIX NATIVE as a pedalboard in front of S GEAR and to control some amp setting for THE STEALER amp in S Gear. I can also use the GIG PERFORMER TUNER and add some sterio image widening using Native Instrument Supercharger GT.

In my MC8 BANK PRESET there are two pages. The first one give access to the HELIX NATIVE PEDALBOARD and the Supercharger GT software.The second page to some amp parameters for the STEALER AMP in S Gear.

Some pictures:


Nice @Fatherjacques! I see you’re setting up a lot in MC8 rather than have GP manage things by e.g. variations.

It looks like there would be a good opportunity for a nice integration between the Morningstar controllers and GP. They have published details of how to read and update the device via sysex.

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@rank13 Thanks. I will take a look. I build this rackspace to see how far I could go with the MC8.