Using GP as input to DAW (MAC)

My typical setup is to use my Audient ID44 input 1 for guitar in, outputs 1/2 go to my studio monitors, and outputs 3/4 go to a pair of Atomic CLRs. I do this because the Atomics sound way better for guitar than my studio monitors. I also have other things (Quad Cortex, Helix) connected to my CLRs via a mixer so in essence the CLRs are my guitar amp for all my direct guitar solutions.

I’d like to use GP as the input for recording in Logic or Ableton Live. I followed the directions in this post (Gig Performer | Recording your Gig Performer performance with a DAW) and it works as advertised. However, in using the suggested setup the only way to monitor GP is through the DAW and this introduces latency…it just feels a little weird. I’d like to hear the output of GP directly (less latency) through my Audient ID44 outputs 3/4.

To this end I set up an aggregate audio device with the Audient and Blackhole (inputs 1-20 Audient, 21-36 Blackhole; outputs 1-24 Audient, 25-40 Blackhole). I set the input and output on GP to the new aggregate device and connected to the Audient’s 3/4 out and to Blackhole (25/26 in the aggregate device and in GP) at the same time. With this configuration I can hear my guitar through the CLRs (via out 3/4) and see audio going to channels 25/26 via the meters at the bottom of GP.

Here’s the problem. In Logic I set the inputs and output devices to be the same aggregate device. If I set the input on a track on Logic to be 25/26 I get nothing. No sound, no metering, nothing. If I set the tracks input to 1 (Audient 1) I can hear my DI guitar coming directly from the Audient. If I set the input on Logic to be only the Blackhole and the track input to 1/2 I get the sound from GP. It would seem Logic doesn’t recognize the Blackhole as part of an aggregate device. I get the same behavior in Live, so I don’t think it’s a DAW thing, it seems like it’s something to do with the configuration of the aggregate device.

I’m sure I’m just doing something wrong. Any ideas?

Why is that? It should be possible to route GP to your interface outputs (from GP) and not have any monitoring/output active in your DAW.

Wouldn’t this need to be 21/22? As the audient only has 20 input channels, the blackholes starts from 21.

I think this might be it! I don’t have time to check but I think input 21/22 in the ticket.