Using Gig Performer with Blackhole and a microphone with Zoom

Hi, I’ve got Gig Performer and I’ve got UVI Falcon outputting sound via Blackhole into Zoom and that’s working fine. I have my microphone plugged into a Scarlett 2i2 on my IMac and while I can hear the microphone output in Gig Performer the microphone output doesn’t register on Zoom just the UVI Falcon which again is working great. Any suggestions to how to hook up the microphone in Gig Performer so that it’s output will register on Zoom will be greatly appreciated! Thanks

Did you Route audio in to audio out in gig performer?

Yes I did Route audio in to audio out. There is definitely signal in GP3 showing from the microphone and sound. But for some reason the microphone doesn’t show any signal in Zoom when speaking but UVI Falcon does show signal in Zoom and has plenty of output.

Can you please upload your gig?

Are you using an ‘Aggregate Device’ to combine the microphone with Blackhole?

Here is the fileZoom test with (83.8 KB) Thanks!

Can you hear you mic input in zoom when your route to channel 1 and not channel 3 of the audio out?

Probably there are other ways, her’s mine:

Add an Audio Mixer (will “Merge”) the inputs, and its output feed Blackhole>Zoom

Here is my gig file
Zoom test with microphone-keyp.gig (113.8 KB)

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Thank you both you helped me figure out how to solve this issue. Yes I could hear mic input in zoom and it registers in the zoom meter. I added the audio mixer as you showed. One modification is I used an aggregate multi-output device instead of Blackhole because i could hear the microphone but not Falcon. Falcon output was showing up on the zoom meter but I could not hear Falcon so I switched to Multi-Output device and I can hear both and their output shows up on the Zoom meter. Thank you both for all of your help!

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