Using Gig performer to add phasing on vocals

I’m using an outboard mixer with the mic going into a harmonizer then into the mixer. I can’t do a phasing effect on the harmonizer, but was wondering about running my mic into my Babyface Pro input, then through Gig Performer adding a phasing effect on the way. Then out through the harmonizer into the mixer. I’ve never run my voice through a computer and am wondering if this setup would work. Does it sound like a good idea or not?

Technically this is possible without any issues. But I would suggest to go through the Harmonizer first and then into the Babyface and GP for additional Effects.

Ok. I’ll give it a try. My main concern is losing the ability to have independent volume on the music and the vocals as they have their own channels at the moment on the mixer.

You might place a gain/balance block before and after the phaser (or other effects), then you can put widgets for metering (VU-LEDs) and adjusting (faders) the loudness of your signal as it goes into the effect and how it comes out - to avoid clipping and to make sure the signal is properly levelled.
You can also place your effect parallel to the incoming signal, so you can easily adjust the dry/wet proportion (that’s how i would do it).

Like this:

Huhh, computers! Give them a finger, and if you don’t take care they’ll take the whole hand… and the voice…

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Yes, that would do it. Only problem I see is playing live with that setup. I’ve tried mixing from a screen before whilst playing and singing. It’s just too hard to do, so I went back to real faders on a real mixer. Anyway, I appreciate the input and will give it more thought.

You could also route the Voice Channel to one of the seperate Phones outputs of the Babyface and Go seperately through a DI-Box to the Mixer.

I think that most of the times you only have to adjust it once and after that you might fine tune the rest on your Mixer.
Generally, it’d be the same with any hardware pedal or effects device you could use… only that GP will be far more flexible.

If you’re not using the headphone jacks on your Babyface Pro for headphones, you can run a 1/4" stereo from the headphone out to a splitter and into your mixer. If your mixer has unbalanced 1/4" inputs it should work for you.

Yes, I am using the headphone jack. This provides a feed into the harmonizer to indicate chords for harmony purposes. I’m getting a bit lost here - perhaps I shouldn’t have asked. My whole purpose was to copy a song made famous in 1968 in NZ called “Spinning, spinning spinning” during which the producer phased the whole mix for a chorus instrumental. I know this wasn’t the first use of phasing (a song called “The big hurt” has this honor I think) but at the time it was unique and could only be done in a studio until the phaser pedal was invented. I’m still thinking about all this:)