Using Gig Performer in OSC similar to Vienna Ensemble Pro

I’m excited to find a possible resolution to replace Vienna Ensemble Pro.
I used VEpro 6 as a plugin host between my Open Labs Miko running Windows 7 32/64bit ( rx device ) and Mac Pro 2013 ( tx device ) running Ventura , Ableton as my master DAW.
Push and master midi and DAW controller.
I first open VEPro server on both computers. Then start my main DAW ( Ableton 11 )
On my windows device plugins were saved as instances if I opened a midi instrument in Ableton
on my Mac ,the instance would open on my window’s device allowing me to control midi parameters and also route sound thru Ableton
Upgrading to Mac Studio M1 , I was no longer able to use this setup because of compatibility with
VEpro 7 upgrade and Windows 7.
I’m looking to have the closest setup as possible using Gig Performer to replace VEpro.
I understand that with Gig performer I would use OSC to have my 2 computers exchange info back and forth. One question is, do both computers need to have the same mapped out instances for me to control plugins from one computer to the other or do I just need to make instances on the tx computer ?
How can I add midi control to instances for controlling plugins through Ableton ?
Can I use a router with OSC or does it need direct ethernet connection between the 2 computers ?
Is there something different that needs to be done when connecting Mac and PC with OSC ?
Thank you ahead of time for any assistance.

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Hm, quite a complex setup. Currently I do not understand your complete setup :thinking:

How do you currently (old setup) route audio between the systems? OSC is ommand/control, only!
Besides OSC, do you also use standard MIDI connections between them?

Are you fixed on a “replacement only”, or open to ther ideas as well?

Thanks for replying.
In the old system audio transferred through ethernet cable.
To control midi I use Max for Live devices on a midi track to control some basic parameters.
This short I seen on youtube
This seems like the direction I need to go.

Puh, a very exotic but interesting setup!

From what I understand after googling for more background information:

  • your OpenLabs MiKo is running VE Pro and connected by Ethernet (only?) to
  • a Mac, also running VE Pro and Abelton as a DAW
  • the OL MiKo is still on Windows 7
  • the VE Pro system uses proprietary technology to connect servers/hosts by ethernet - for both audio and command/control

This is a quite closed system then :frowning:

Is the MiKo still maintained by OpenLabs? Their website was quite empty?
How stable was your setup so far? I think the OL MiKo is quite old meanwhile?
I think when the OL MiKo was released (~2007?) it was quite promising, powerful and flexible, but how does it look like from a todays perspective? Are you in a contact with other users?

What do you want to achieve, or what doe you like with this current setup?

I’m really curious :slight_smile:

Edit: forgot the first answers to your questions…

OSC can be used with a router or a direct link between computers, there are (at least should be) no differences between Mac and PC world.

But: you have to setup your IPv4 adresses manually

As said: OSC is command and control only, if you want to exchange audio between PC/Mac by Ethernet you have to use an Audio over IP solution in parallel (e.g. Dante, AES67, …) . but in your case this strongly depends on what you can install/get for your MiKo

When we talk about Gig Performer instances as described in the linked video, we are talking mainly about instances on the same machine. These instances can be synced by OSC, e.g.
Inbuilt Audio exchange on the same mac/PC will be possible with the upcoming GP5 Release and the GP Relayer.
There are also 3rd party solutions out like Blackhole or Rogue Amoeba Loopback for audio exchange on the same machine.
I think there are also other manufacturers (Blue Cat’s Connector) providing plugins with proprietary audio exchange over ethernet like your VE Pro - but I think you may run in the same version dependency troubles with your MiKo due to Win7 compatibility.

Here is a past convo I had with the people over at Vienna Ensemble.

Your background information is correct. I happen to have the advantage of keeping in touch
with one of the former techs at Open Labs my Miko was just serviced and runs smooth.
What I want to achieve.
There are bundled plugins that came and I installed on the Miko that are no longer around
and some only work on windows. This workflow also took a cpu load off my Mac being that
a majority of the synth plugins was used on the Miko.
I did not know that OSC only handled command and control only. The Miko has built in outputs
via a presonus i/o or I connect another I/O using ADAT . ( I used to do this with Pro Tools Digi 003 )

AudioGridder is another interesting solution for using multiple audio servers.

I keep meaning to try this but somehow never have time to get to it!

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Thank you. The problem with most audio servers is that Windows 7 becomes an issue. Because of proprietary midi drivers on the Miko if I upgrade windows I loose midi function on the unit.

I need to get that GP5 Release and GP Relayer like yesterday. This could have all my machines communicating correctly. I saw the post it said it was going to be in 4.7 update is it still in the works?

Whooot +1 for the release of GP5 , rubbing hands together furiously !!!
GP relayer will also be a game changer for me but let’s be realistic , we’re not talking about a proprietary audio midi solution over IP like VEPro can achieve , that thought also had me salivating but in my modest experience nothing has come close to VEPro as far as flexibility and reliability and timing the way VEPro handles Virtual Instruments you can play in real time and bounce from your DAW, Relayer will be super handy on the same machine but if like myself you are slaving multiple desktop PC’s to a MAC DAW or GP instance through a gigabit switch or greater , then Relayer isn’t that as far as I am aware ? At this time it’s not a VEPro killler I am assuming ? It’s a same machine solution for audio and midi not a network audio midi solution as VEPro is ? Still though Relayer is gonna be super helpful for me in the capacities in which it was designed , same machine .

What post said that? Relayer will be in GP 5

Not sure probably someone who was really excited about to drop.

Yeah Vienna Ensemble is a major program. Because it also has the Vienna sounds that are insane but
very taxing on cpu which why the program was created. I still use the program and I’m looking to take it a notch further if I can grasp RME Totalmix which will allow for some very interesting routing. For handling plugins inside of the same computer VEpro does that. My reason for getting Gig performer was that I could use Windows 7. I believe VEpro 7 requires windows 10.

Could Gig performer work in conjunction with an audio server ?