Using external MIDI module with GP4

Hi, Presently I’ve been using just software instruments with GP4 and using a Casio PX-S3000 as a USB-MIDI controller and everything has been working well. I would like to use my Behringer Model D with this setup. I have an IConnect MIDI 4 device that I can use as it only has MIDI in and Thru ports and the Casio only has USB. How would I setup up this in GP4 so I can assign the Model D to only play in a certain range of the keyboard? Thanks!

The Model D has a USB port? Can that be connected directly to your PC and allow midi to be sent to it?

If so, wouldn’t it be a simple setup with a MIDI In Port for the Casio (with the key range set) connected directly to the MIDI Out Port for the Model D. If you don’t have usb setup for the Model D, the MIDI Out Port would be for the iConnect (as it would have it’s MIDI Out connected to the Model D’s MIDI In).

To make sure I understand, is it the case that you will be playing Casio but you only want some subset of the casio to go to the Model D? Both the Casio and the Model D are plugged into your computer so can be seen by Gig Performer?

If that’s the case, then this is simple — just create a second MIDI In Block that receives input from the Casio – define the split on that MIDI In port to specify the range of keys you want to use on the Casio.

Thank you very much dhj and rank 13 for your suggestions as I was able to get this working! I don’t need the MIDI cable and I’m going to try this without the IConnect MIDI4 and just plug the Casio into the other USB port on my MacMini. I plan on getting a smaller controller keyboard for the Model D down the road but for know I’ll play with this setup.