Using ARTURIA Mini V3 (inbuilt ARP)


I’m using Mini V3 by Arturia to play some wobble sounds. Our drummer is using the inbuilt click track from his ROLAND SPD-SX. But now we have some timing issues. The tempos are synced, but the start times aren’t. The start time of the inbuilt arpeggiator of MINI V3 is set whenever I load the song in Gig Performer. NOT when I trigger the notes on my controller. That causes some time inconsistencies. Basically the tempo is in sync, but the arp sometimes starts at just the right time, sometimes at the very wrong time, sometimes it’s somewhat tight, sometimes it’s really wrong.
I heard that Gig Performer has support for Midi Clock signals. Is there any way I can fix this?

My temporary workaround is to press the inbuilt MIDI SYNC button of the MINI V3 manually at the beginning, when my drummer starts counting according to the click track. (I put the button on one of my sustain pedals)

Any idea how I can automate this? Has anyone yet experienced similar problems? I don’t want to switch to another plugin as I love the Arturia plugin series.


I know this sounds a little bit complicated:
Can you trigger the start of the ROLAND SPD-SX bx sending some Midi Messages from Gig Performer?
This way you could press the global play to start the ROLAND SPD-SX and with some simple scripting activate the MIDI SYNC of Arturia Mini.

Another option could be: React on a Midi Message of the ROLAND SPD-SX and again with scripting start MIDI SYNC of Arturia.