Using a Zoom H6 (portable recorder) as a sound card with Gig Performer

Greetings. Has anyone tried to use a portable recorder (like a Zoom unit) - in soundcard mode - to output GigPerformer to an amp or a FRFR cab or other ?
Need to have the soundcard do other things too
and Zoom H6 looks like it may fit the bill.

3.5mm stereo out is the challenge to deal with.

A musician I sometimes play with once used an H6 to broadcast the output of his daw on a PA system, but he didn’t do it again.

In the case of the H6, as with many other audio devices, the term audio interface is used to
to mean the possibility of connecting them to a computer, but this is only a fairly basic functionality.

The preamps are pretty hissy and noisy and it doesn’t have balanced output so for using with headphones or regular speakers it’s fine, but i.e. with monitor speakers it produced quite a lot of hissing.

It’s great for portability and everything, but consider using a real dedicated audio interface if you want to get a sound of decent quality.

Despite this, if you’re not demanding in terms of sound quality, the H6 can do the trick.


I’ve been happy with this (and I like I can keep it on my keyboard to control volume):

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