Use of an Ipad ? Yes or No?

Hello guys,
I might ask for my birthday, with some of my money also for an iPad.
Do you think it’s a great tool for a musician or do you think it is overlooked ?
Thanks in advance and I’m sorry for all these gear questions !

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I am using the iPad to show my scores and you can remote control Gig Performer when you use
Lemur or TouchOSC
And you can surf in the WWW :wink:

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Yes I know and I do :)))

It’s just that sometimes these videos on YouTube make you want very bad to buy stuff !
With you guys I have more confidence !

Is this nice to use ? Do you feel well the controls under your fingers instead of knobs etc ?

I don’t like using touch screens for controlling knobs or faders. That’s why I have control surfaces.

However, I don’t always have control surfaces available. For those times i’ll use a tablet or phone with an OSC template instead.

For OSC control I much prefer the free cross-platform, cross device Open Stage Control over Lemur or Touchosc.

You are right, that is an interesting alternative.

I am using an IPad 12.9 to show my scores (with Piascore or OnSong or Forescore) like pianopaul and I want to use Geoshred like JR… someday. :wink:

The Ipad was one of my best buys ever.

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I use my 12.9 iPad Pro for most of my scores in ForScore. I also have a control surface in MIDI Designer Pro2 with B3 drawbars and some effects controls.

The iPad is also really nice to throw in the car with a 49 key controller and take to an impromptu rehearsal using some of many plugins available. I really wish I had something like GP to link all the plugins together…maybe someday (or maybe in a future iPad version) :thinking: But as @SirTommes says…best buy ever.

Hehehe best buy ever but I think about the price and the ecological issue.
Couldn’t you live without ?
Hope I’m not akward, I’m just asking.
And thank you very much for your answers ! :heart:

Me too. I will replace my current iPad by a 12.9 Pro version with a M1, but how much memory should I buy? Should I really pay the Apple tax on the memory? :thinking:

If you think you should renounce to as many technologies as possible to save the planet, you can renounce to an iPad. Although… the paper industry being one of the most polluting, displaying your scores on an iPad is finally not bad. I think you will have to decide by yourself :wink:

I say it IS a great tool for musicians, everything is very refined (apps, OS) and even if you just use it for one single purpose, example reading scores, the integration and fitness you get is mind-blowing.

I have Ipad since version 1 (still in use, by the way!!! - for Lemur remote) my last was the 12.9 iPad Pro from 2016 (4GB) and still going strong :wink:

Unless you’re doing intense video editing, the base model (8GB) seems a lot !!

I was talking about the storage “memory”, I don’t know if it is an internal SSD. And yes I started to do video editing with it.

For me its always RAM…

Yes its equivalent, and nowadays you can’t change that in the future, so better get bigger capacity.
Models with 1 and 2TB DO give you 16GB of RAM ;-)!!! (just for the record)

But I might find 512Gb even for editing quite a lot… with USB-C you can always attach an external SSD drive/pen drive

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It’s an amazing tool!
I’m using the iPad Pro and a pedalboard (nektar pacer) hooked to my MacBook and for me is my ultimate setup since I can change my virtual amps (rackspace in GP) and set the effects as stompbox on the pedalboard and quickly adjust any parameters (in Midi Designer) with my finger and not a mouse. The best of all for me is that every time I change via pedalboard, iPad automatically change the screen to the selected plugin (amp)

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